Team Creativity…

I’ve been part of a few groups that have wanted to be creative.  One struggle that most groups have is dealing with who’s idea lands on top and gets used.  That struggle in itself is usually what hinders the team from becoming an effective and highly creative force.

The concept that an idea can be hatched by an individual on a team and can be perfect at inception is almost never true.  Most new ideas are flawed in some way and need to be shaped and formed by a team of people who understand the different facets of implementation.

During the early hours of this morning, I was on my bike trainer listening to some podcasts.  A comment  made by Jim Collins, author of Good to Great jumped out at me.  [as a leader, you need to have] “humility in the face of a cause that is bigger than yourself”.

Team members that want to be part of a powerful creative process need to exercise that type of humility.  How do I define humility?  Being full of confidence and lacking arrogance.

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