Being Contagious with Your Confidence

I’ve been inspired by the confidence of the mentors in my life.  The men I’ve chosen to watch and follow all have the trait of confidence as a common thread in their persona.  Sometimes it’s viewed as pride or arrogance, but at it’s heart, confidence is pure and noble.

One of my heros is Winston Churchill.  His granddaughter, Celia Sandys wrote a book with Jonathan Littman about Churchill’s inspiring leadership a few years ago.  In this book, she talks about many of the leadership principles that Churchill modeled.

Churchill was able to build hope and confidence with his nation in the face of pending doom.  One example that always makes me smile is the story of how Churchill reacted to the air raid sirens during World War II.  During the bombing raids over England, as everyone else headed for the shelters, Churchill “clambered up the staircase and popped out onto the roof for a better view”.

Through Churchill’s actions, he was able to build confidence in others.  With a firm jaw and his fist in the air showing the “V” for victory, those around him knew that their leader believed in a bright future.

“The final test of a leader is the feeling you have when you leave his presence after a conference.  Have you a feeling of uplift and confidence?”   ~Celia Sandys We Shall Not Fail

So that’s the question.  How do others around you feel when they leave the room?

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