Three skills you should be developing in your leaders

If you are a leader of volunteers, you’ve probably asked yourself “How can I better equip my team to be more effective in engaging people?”.

Here are three skills that you should be developing in your leaders to become more effective in ministry. These skills help remove communication barriers and make it possible to have brief, but meaningful spiritual conversations with people.


Your facial expression really matters. As you see someone and make eye contact with them, have a joyful expression on your face. Let people know that you’re happy to see them. One simple way of doing this is imagining yourself saying “There you are!” with your expression.

Whether you know the person or not, having a joyful expression on your face immediately sets the tone for a great conversation. This will allow people to be comfortable and confident to ask questions they might have about church.


Taking an interest and staying engaged in a conversation tells a person how important they are to you. If you are distracted or act uninterested, your conversation will go nowhere.

Use the person’s name as you talk with them. Dale Carnegie once wrote: “Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest, most important sound in any language”.

Listen with spiritual ears. Listen to what they are saying and not saying. This will help you understand how to to guide someone to their next step in spiritual growth.


Sharing your experience with someone during a spiritual conversation determines whether or not someone will take their next spiritual step. Showing enthusiasm for what is happening in church will attract and interest people in taking action.

Being enthusiastic about something you’re a part of is the opposite of being pushy or desperate. People want to be invited into something bigger than themselves, not pushed into a needy situation.

Sharing your experience in a life group or when you were baptized will allow someone to be more comfortable in taking that step as well. If you haven’t experienced something yourself, you won’t inspire anyone to do it themselves. If it’s a membership class, it shouldn’t be beneath you to go through it. If you haven’t been part of a life group, you can’t talk to someone about how important life groups are.

Your Words + Your Actions = Inspiration for Others

Our Lead Pastors, Todd and Julie Mullins have done a great job of modeling several leadership values for us as staff. One of those values is that we are stewards and servants first. Our role and our position come second to being stewards of people. Our goal is that people continue to take their next step in spiritual growth. So, it’s not what we want “from” them, it’s what we want “for” them. We want people to grow roots in church and thrive in the way that God has designed.


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