Sometimes you just have to jump out of the boat

My lucky water shoes have helped me out of some life-threatening situations during past family vacations.

On one trip, my brother-in-law and I were in his motor boat going full speed on Lake George in Florida.  We didn’t realize that even a couple hundred yards off shore, the sea grass grew up to the surface and was getting sucked up into the motor intakes.

The motor stopped.  We were stuck on the lake in the Ocala National Forest and no one was around to help.  There was also no cell phone reception.  I have no idea how long we would have waited for someone to find us and tow our boat to shore.  In addition to all of that, a massive lightning storm was quickly approaching.  So staying in the boat wasn’t an option.

Because of the sea grass, the only way to get the boat back to shore was to pull it in.  Putting on my lucky water shoes and doing my very best Bear Grylls impression, I threw a rope over my shoulder and jumped in.  The water was up to my chest, my feet sunk into the muck and the sea grass was pretty thick.

I had to push all thoughts of gators and snakes out of my mind as I started straining to pull the boat towards shore.  After finally getting the boat to move, it was a continual effort to take the next step towards shore.

Sometimes you have to jump out of the boat and walk chest-deep through the sea grass.  Staying in the boat is a lot easier and less messy – but you’ll just sit in one place and never make it to shore.

“For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” ~ Paul, Philippians 1:21

We aren’t promised an easy life.  If we want to fulfill the plans Jesus has for us, it’s going to be hard work.

Maybe those “lucky water shoes” aren’t so lucky.

originally posted in September of 2012


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