Making a great transition

keyA few years ago, Don Bray, one of my mentors, told me a story of an executive he knew that left his position to go into overseas missions work.  The executive’s key ring represented his responsibilities and property.  As he handed off his position and duties to others, he removed those keys from his key ring.  By the time he gave away his office key, his house key and everything in between, he knew that he had simplified his life enough to take on his new role.

When God gives you a new assignment, it takes a lot of intentionality to make a great transition.  Making the switch from one role to another can be a joyful, fulfilling moment rather than a stressful one.

Reflecting on my past few years as Executive Pastor for Southbrook Church, I have great joy because of what God has done.  I have witnessed radical life change in people:  addictions turning to freedom, damaged marriages becoming whole and hopelessness turning to new life in Christ.  There has been much pain and many tears in the process, but I view that as a blessing rather than a curse.

A new role is waiting for me.  As I prepare for that, my key ring is becoming spare, more simple.  A few days ago, I handed my office keys to my replacement at Southbrook.  There will be amazing things continuing to happen there as Jesus Christ is active and moving in the hearts of His people at Southbrook Church.

Yesterday, I handed my house key off.  Every time those keys leave your key ring, more weight is lifted off of your shoulders.  Your burden becomes lighter.

I now have only one key left on my key ring… and if God prompts me to give my vehicle away to someone, my ring might become completely empty.  But that would just mean that God would then have an entire ring to fill with new keys – new tasks and responsibilities.  So, to say that I’m excited about what is ahead would be a BIG understatement.

I wake up every morning with new hope and expectations, always being driven by the words of Jesus in the book of Matthew, chapter 25, “Well done good and faithful servant”.  Those are the words that I want to hear someday.

Examine the complexity of your key ring and realize that God has given you great responsibilities that are not to be taken lightly.  He will, from time to time, take keys off and put new ones on.  Are you ready for those changes?  They can be joyful transitions… but it’s your choice.


One Response to “Making a great transition”

  1. Dave, The one thing that I have always noticed about you is that you were a calm voice and spirit and example in and out of the midst of storm. I always considered you a source of safe harbor. What a wonderful God given characteristic. I am certain that all of your new friends that you are about to meet will see that in you as well and appreciate it as I have. We will miss you and look forward to seeing you whenever you come back for a visit. Sean

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