What would you tell the world if you had $4 Million and 30 seconds?


I’ve messed up with this so many times in life…  not making the most of a golden opportunity to communicate things well.

Everyone’s pretty much forgotten about the money, time and effort that was spent on the Super Bowl last week.  It’s in the past.  But there are some lasting memories.  And the key to figuring out how those memories were made is understanding how the connection to your heart (or stomach) was made.

For me, some of the takeaways were:

1.  The pre-game highlight story of Baltimore Raven O.J. Brigance.  After being a key player for the team in 2000 and part of Super Bowl XXXV, he was diagnosed with ALS in 2007 and is wheelchair-bound only able to communicate with the help of  a computer.  POSITIVE TAKEAWAY:  He now works for the Ravens’ front office as the Director of Player Development for the Ravens and serves as a motivator and inspiration for the team.

2.  Dodge Ram Trucks did a great job portraying Paul Harvey’s dialog telling about how God made the farmer and how  there is something in each of us that can accomplish great things.  POSITIVE TAKEAWAY:  Their trucks can help us achieve success through ambition and hard work.

3.  Doritos showed us through zany humor that their chips taste so good that even a goat, after eating Doritos, would overcome obstacles to get to that great taste.  POSITIVE TAKEAWAY:  Don’t feed your goat Doritos or you’ll be sorry.

4.  Always have a back-up plan for your power if you want to finish the game.

But one group went in the other direction.  Blackberry spent $4 Million just for the 30-seconds to tell us silly things their product couldn’t do.  Even though Blackberry makes a great product and has a very devoted following, they got blasted by critics for wasting money and missing a huge opportunity. TAKEAWAY:  Promote who you are, not who you aren’t.

Too many times, we waste our energy telling others what we aren’t – by defining ourselves with negatives or making negative comparisons.

Define yourself by what you stand for, what you’re doing and by the great things that are happening because of your efforts.  That leaves a lasting memory and makes a heart connection with others.

For Christ followers, taking every opportunity to tell others about the great things Christ has done in our life should be the number one priority.  Don’t waste time on how you do this… you don’t have time to waste.  And you never know when the power might go out.


2 Responses to “What would you tell the world if you had $4 Million and 30 seconds?”

  1. In the world of sales we call it an “elevator pitch”. You have to be ready to tell your product pitch to somebody on the elevator before they get off. Irony of the word Elevator, could we present the gospel to somebody for them to be elevated to heaven right then as they were about to die in 31 seconds?

    • I love that! We’re actually challenging all of our staff and volunteers to develop their story so they can tell someone what Christ has done in their life in 1 minute or less. Thanks!

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