Warm and Drenched!

If you have teenagers in your house, this will make you smile.

Have you ever seen your kids fly out the door and suddenly realize that they were wearing your clothes?  Not like a hand-me-down item, but something you wear all the time.  The first thought you have is, “That’s the last time I’ll see that sweater”.

My college-age daughter invited her boyfriend over the other week for dinner with us.  Usually, she’s looking to take off for the local coffee shop to hang out and this time wasn’t any different.  So after a great dinner, I looked up to see her and her boyfriend heading out the door to the car.  Both of them were wearing my hoodies (zip-up hooded sweatshirts) from my closet.  Leave it up to my daughter to help herself.

I had the urge to shout out and say something.  But instead, I just smiled.

Those are the hoodies I put on when I get up to pray early every morning.  As the heat in the house is just kicking on, I’m spending time with God pouring my heart out and giving praise to Him.  By the time I’m done with my prayer, those hooded sweatshirts are drenched with the Holy Spirit!

So, as that young man headed out to spend time with my princess, he had no idea how much prayer was covering both of them and how many angels were following him around.

I may never see that piece of clothing again, but I know it went toward a very good cause.


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