I must become less and…

In a moment of total confidence and humilty, John the Baptist said this about Jesus:

“He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.”  

~ John 3:30

In a season of ministry where it has taken every ounce of strength to continue leading well, I’m more resolved than ever about this fact: I must become less and He must become greater.  Taking a breath this week, there have been some things that have been set in my heart for this year that will be unpacked during several group discussions over the next two months with our church leaders.

Christ and His kingdom need to be our focus.  Doing church means so much more than just Sunday morning.  It means that we ARE the salt and light of the world… of the world.

2013 will be exciting if you’re around me.  I’m pretty jazzed up about equipping and empowering others to do some incredible things this year.

Does that mean that I am taking my foot off the pedal and giving stuff over to others to do instead?  No.  It means that God has shown me that the pedal can go down further and with the infinite, limitless grace that Christ gives to us, there is way more that I can be doing this year.


4 Responses to “I must become less and…”

  1. Amazing brother!!! I see the character of Christ all over your labor for His kingdom!! You are living out Romans 12:11-12!

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