What defines a “Win”?

The winners of the group costume award! Didn’t even think twice about it!

I cannot tell you how overwhelmed I was to see so many families showing up at the Southbrook Family Fun Night!  Every age group, even college students were enjoying time together.  Watching people laugh at each other with the wacky costumes and enjoying food and tons of candy was incredible.

We ran out of hotdogs, the s’mores got devoured,  but that just meant that our friends and neighbors were showing up at the invitation of our Southbrook families.  Maybe seeing church people act like weirdos was good for all of us.

Prior to the event, I challenged the Southbrook staff about what a “win” would be for this event:

… It wasn’t about big attendance numbers  –  although we got that

… it wasn’t about making money on the event  –  it was more like “investing ministry dollars”

… it wasn’t about showing our community how cool we could be  –  even though we are

IT WAS about making a CONNECTION with each other and with the people around us.  I believe we saw that happen.

Thank you Southbrook families & staff for putting together a great event that gave all the glory to Jesus Christ our Lord.

p.s. – And next year, we’ll send the spell-checked banner info to the sign company.  Matt – you are awesome, no matter what.


One Response to “What defines a “Win”?”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I noticed that folks were having a great family time, pleasantly surprised with the approach and several were from the community walking into Southbrook for the first time. What a great way for Southbrook to be “fishers of men”. Awesome work by all of the staff to pull off this great event! When is the next one?! :>)

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