Four Heroes In My Life

When I was a teenager , our family would go camping on the weekends about 60 miles from home.  We would hitch the pop-up camper and boat and drive down to the campground.

One time, my dad filled the boat up with gas near home before we started our journey.  About 45  minutes into our trip, my dad let out a big gasp!  I got scared as I asked him what was wrong.  He had just realized that he had forgotten to pay for the gas!  He took the next highway exit to turn around and drive back home to pay the gas station.

Integrity.  That lesson has stuck with me all these years.  My dad taught me through that lesson that you need to have integrity in your life – when it hurts or even when it’s just inconvenient.

My dad is one of my heroes.

The three other heroes in my life?  Pastors.

As a boy, Pastor Fred T. Hussey at Madison Ave Baptist  made a huge impact with me.  He was older and was the man that baptised me.  I remember being in 4th grade and him  affirming me with his strong, Scottish voice to let me know that God had a great plan for me.

And yep!  We called his wife Mrs. Hussey  🙂    but we didn’t think twice about it.  She was an amazing woman of God.

As a college student, Pastor Jack Jacobs at Grace Baptist was an incredible man who was a soft spoken, but powerful preacher.  He did pre-marital counseling for Beth and me – and then flew up to New Hampshire to co-marry us with Beth’s home pastor.  I recently found a few books he had written on Ephesians and Ezekial and I’m cherishing those pages now.

And Pastor Tom Mullins, founder of Christ Fellowship.  Where do I even begin with that man?  An inspirer of men, an amazing leader, and the definition of integrity.  He continues to fill my heart with joy every time I think of him – which is daily.

There are others, but these four men made an investment in me that will last an eternity.

I want to encourage you to seek out people in your life that are passionate about God and will invest in you.  The return on their investment will be priceless in your life.


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