Worn out? You need to put rhythm in your life?

During a marriage series last year, we asked people to write in their questions about marriage. One lady asked “How often should a couple take a REAL vacation?”. What a loaded question!  I’m not even sure what a real vacation is because in different stages of life, that can vary so widely.
But the first thing that came to my mind is that if you’re not practicing a weekly Sabbath, no vacation will truly refresh you.

An incredible book came out this past year, Replenish, by Lance Witt.  Lance Witt has been one of my heros and one of my good friends since I met him about five years ago.  I have gotten to know him well and he has really challenged me to become better and stronger in how I live my life.

In his book, Lance explains some very basic things that we look right past in our lives because we are so busy.  When we ignore the rhythm that God has designed in us as men and women, we set ourselves up for burn out.

Here is a small excerpt from his book:

We live in a universe defined by rhythm.  As you inhale and exhale, your breathing has rhythm.  Your heart beats in rhythm, and you have brainwaves that move in rhythm.

…In fact, the reality of rhythm traces its roots all the way back to creation.  After God completed his work, he rested on the seventh day.  He certainly did not rest because he was worn out from six straight days of creating.  He rested to model rhythm.

The seventh day, the day of rest, was so important that God blessed it and declared it holy.  The first thing the Bible ever declared holy was not an object or a place, but a “time”,  a twenty-four-hour period called Sabbath.

~ Lance Witt, Replenish: Leading From A Healthy Soul

We had a great discussion in our Nehemiah class this week about this topic.  Some of the questions were: “What day of the week is the Sabbath?”  “How much work am I allowed to do on the Sabbath?”.  It allowed us to take a look at the example of Jesus in the Gospels and his approach to this “day of rest”.

I would encourage you to learn more about this and practice that natural rhythm in your life.


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