Are you saying “Blah blah blah” or are you adding value?

I was covered in flour and smelled like a big piece of fried chicken.  Clenching my fists, I heard the assistant manager say to me: “Let me give you some input.”.  My first job when I was a kid was as a chicken cook at KFC… and hearing those words would send me through the roof.  I then had to listen to a lecture on how to  properly mop the floor.

But I also remember being around my favorite teacher in 9th grade.  I wanted to be around him all the time to hear him talk about a subject – any subject.  He just had a way of getting you to understand things in a way you just couldn’t get by reading a book.

Have you been in both places?  Some people just have to say something – and others have something to say.  Which one are you?

Are you just giving input or are you able to give insight to others?

Are people around you receiving head knowledge or are they taking it to heart?

I love this explanation of insight:

“Insight is an essential trait for leaders.  A leader must be able to see the big picture, to project into the tomorrows of any understanding, to visualize the outworking of any plan.  No leader can stay riveted to today.  He must see the results of his “now” ahead of time.”     ~Chuck Swindoll, Hand  Me Another Brick

In order to gain insight, I’ve found that you really need to go through these three steps:

  1. Experience – either going through something yourself or observe it first-hand.
  2. Recognize – taking all the facts of your experience into consideration.
  3. Reflect – really taking time to go beneath the surface of the facts and figure out how to draw deeper meaning and wisdom from the experience.

 A man will be praised according to his insight ~ Proverbs 12:8

So, when you talk today, are you just saying “blah blah blah” or is what you’re saying adding value to others?


One Response to “Are you saying “Blah blah blah” or are you adding value?”

  1. Wow…good word! I have just been in a conversation about the “blah, blah, blah” factor. This gives clarity and perspective.

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