Churches need to add value to their people


So much of what we do at church seems like we’re asking people to get involved and give of their time to serve others and so on.  Do, do, do.  We live in a rat race trying to balance work, school, family and church and not go crazy!

This next week is one of the times where we as Southbrook staff and lay leaders want to add value to you if you attend our church.  Our midweek classes are not just another checklist item, but they are life-giving and relationship-building times that are meant to refresh and restore you during your busy week.

On May 2, we’re kicking of three classes that are part of our 2012 Southbrook discipleship series:

New Believers – If you’ve recently made a decision to follow Christ and have a ton of questions about faith in God and what the Bible says, Pastor Jonathan Bareham will be leading a 4-week discussion on these topics.

Love & War – We are passionate about marriages at Southbrook!  We have incredible couples at the church who want to come along-side others who struggle in marriage or just want to learn how to do life better with each other.  John and Karen Kearney, who head up our marriage mentors will be leading this 5-week discussion.  I can’t wait to hear the cool stories that come from these sessions!

Nehemiah – Leadership and determination, we all want to learn how to grow and become better.  The book of Nehemiah in the Old Testament is very relevant to today and speaks to some powerful principles that we can use in our businesses, schools and families.  I’ll be taking 4 weeks to go through the first half of this book.  There’s some really cool stuff that I know people will walk away applying to their lives!

Come, relax and get to know others as we add value to you.  These discussions start at 6:30pm for the next few Wednesdays at the Southbrook Campus.  We’ll even have some coffee for you.  FREE CHILDCARE IS PROVIDED.

To sign up, CLICK HERE.


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