Problem Solving – Becoming More Effective

Inspiration sometimes appears in the unexpected.  I love being around creative people that are driven by excellence.  Taking my daughter down to Savannah, GA this past Saturday for SCAD Day was one of those experiences that I try to get as much of as I can.  I soaked in as much creative air as possible.

SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design, has a top-notch reputation for being a leader in training students for creative careers.  SCAD Day allows potential students to find out more about the school.

So here’s what I didn’t expect:  walking into Morris Hall and getting an inspirational tour through the Illustration department with professor Julie Lieberman.  Beyond getting to see how the newest technology is being used by students to influence our daily lives and decisions, they did a great job of clearly defining the main goals for the Illustration department.

Julie explained that the Illustration professors look to refine three key areas in their students.  I would guess that she and I would probably have differing world-views, but as she spoke, it struck me that these three areas also apply to becoming more effective in ministry and life.

The first area is a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts in art.  Having a firm grasp of the fundamentals allows one to have a foundation for everything they try to accomplish.  Jesus stated that we are to “love God with all our hearts and love others as ourselves”.  Everything else is built on these two principles.

Next is developing the unique talent of an individual.  Everyone is designed with a special set of talents.  At Southbrook, we are passionate about people learning how God has designed them and how to become a person of purpose in the body of the church (Psalm 139:14 and Romans 12:4-8).

The third area is problem solving – the ability to take a vision, and make it practical and effective.  This is a key area for people to develop.  At SCAD, it was pretty clear that they are passionate about this:

Steven Charny, Senior Art Director for Rolling Stone, works with the Illustration Department at SCAD for some of the art pieces that illustrate magazine articles.  His challenge to the students is to take the concept of an article and use the medium of illustration to grab the attention of the reader and allow them to grasp the concept visually.

With our staff at Southbrook, we are continually trying to apply vision and purpose in the most effective way possible.  Problem solving is an important skill that we practice and develop daily.

I want to challenge you to look for ways to become more effective as a person.  If you are a Christ-follower, you need to be looking at all three of these areas for yourself and asking the question: “How can I become better today?”

Thanks again to the staff at SCAD for a fantastic experience and to professor Julie Lieberman for the great insight.


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  1. Great word, Dave. I will be reading again and taking notes:)

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