Flavor Flav and leadership

Weird combo?  It came up last night here at Southbrook Church.

Flavor Flav being on the show, Wife Swap, gave us some good laughs for last night’s leadership session.  We covered integrity and being a positive change-agent as two important areas to work on as leaders.

Some background:
Jesus said “Follow me”.  With those words, he drew some very special men to himself for the journey of a lifetime.  These men watched what Christ did and listened to what he said and how he spoke.  It changed them and the world forever.

So we started with that as we launched  Developing the Leader Within You last week.  This 5-week class is based on the book with the same title by John C. Maxwell.  We’ve opened it up to Southbrook Church volunteers only because we want to pour value into those that serve so faithfully.

For any Southbrook volunteers that haven’t made it to the class yet, you can still take part in the next three sessions.  Each week can stand alone as a boost to your leadership development.

Here’s one of the great quotes from last night:

“How have you changed lately?  In the last week, let’s say?  Or in the last month?  The more you change, the more you become an instrument of change in the lives of others.” 

~Howard Hendricks


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