A clear message

Praise God! We had a great night. No rain. The crusade started with a good crowd. As the music started, people in the streets could hear us lifting the name of Jesus in song and prayer.
This event took place in a tough neighborhood. We’ve been told that this might be the first Christian event that has taken place here. Prior to last night, this “arena” was used for some pretty worldly type parties.
Greg Carr played “He Reigns” by the Newsboys in the middle of the haitian praise and worship. It was a perfect choice.
Pastor Rob preached on the story of the woman at the well with pastor Renee interpreting. Twelve people came forward for salvation and prayer. Our team was able to pray with them thru interpreters.
One very special interpreter is Gabriel. A man probably 30 yrs old who runs an orphanage not far from the event location. When Greg Carr was encouraging him and thanking him for his heart, Gabriel welled up with tears and replied “I just want the message to be clear.”
As we were reflecting on some of the events and difficulties we ran into, pastor Renee mentioned that the next time we hold a crusade, it might be better to do it at the Delmas 31 church location. My reply was that it is never a bad strategy to hold a crusade in the Devil’s stronghold – just difficult.


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