Seeing Stars!

Have you ever had one of those slow-motion moments – where time seems to stop and you know something just took you by surprise?

A few days ago, I loaded my plate full of dinner and was walking toward the dining room to eat with the family.  It smelled so good and I couldn’t wait to dig in.

The next thing I saw was stars, I was on the ground and food was floating in mid-air.

One of the upper kitchen cabinet doors was left open and I walked into it full speed with my forehead!  It took me a second to figure this out.

With what dignity I could pull together, I started scooping food back onto my plate.  Why was the cabinet door left open?  Who left it open?  It didn’t matter.  I should have been looking up as I was walking.

In our spiritual walk, we are going to have unexpected obstacles appear out of nowhere.  That’s why we can’t let our guard down.  Starting each day seeking God and His heart is critical if we’re going to make an impact for Him.  Keeping our spiritual eyes focused on what’s ahead of us keeps us from being knocked off our feet.

You want to know who left the door open, don’t you?  Let’s just say she felt really bad about it.


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