H8R or not?

Ever been in a real fist fight? I have. My philosophy growing up was to avoid them unless it became absolutely necessary. In fact, I’m now facebook friends with a few guys that I’ve exchanged fists with. I remember just walking into a new school and feeling the hate from guys and having to get to the bottom of why and making friends out of unknown enemies.

People just want to hate you sometimes, for no reason. That fact will always be a mystery to me.

One of my kids got me hooked on watching the TV show H8R. So, it’s my kid’s fault and I’m not going to say which one it was. It wasn’t my youngest one, thankfully.

WARNING: H8R is raw, they have to bleep out words and blur things out, but they’ve struck a couple of truths that make me interested enough to watch. The concept: to have a celebrity meet up with someone who hates them (the hater). The goal: to change the hater’s mind by spending time with and getting to know the celebrity. Sometimes it works, usually it doesn’t because the celebrity might really be worthy of their bad reputation.

The episode that raised my eyebrows featured Maksim Chmerkovskiy from Dancing with the Stars (no, I don’t watch the dance show). This guy started the episode by acting crass and arrogant to get a reaction from his hater. Then, as Maksim became his real self, he proved to be a well-spoken, intelligent and confident professional. He treated his hater with respect, encouraged and added value to her. By the end, the girl that started off hating him walked away impressed with Maksim and more confident about herself.

Here’s the weird thing. Most of these haters are asked the question – “Have you ever been hated before?”. The amazing thing is that most of them say “No”. Are they living in a cave or just clueless?

Confronting a hater is not easy. The way you do that really makes a difference, but you won’t get anywhere if you don’t have personal integrity. The show H8R kinda proves that.

Once you get past 16yrs old, fist fights don’t work real well any more.


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