Top ten list for walking to school

In celebration of National Walk to School Day, I’d like to offer some of my fondest memories of when life was more simple. Whether there was rain or snow, I used to walk a block to Hayes Elementary School in Lakewood, Ohio with my best friends and had the time of my life.

10. Making fun of the of the student traffic guards for wearing those orange belts and silly white gloves

9. Running away after we screamed insults at the school bully.

8. Mysteriously “losing” our report cards before we got home.

7. Stashing our winter coats behind the garage because no matter how cold it got, we were just too cool to wear them.

6. Snowball fights against the kids from the next block.

5. Hiding in the bushes and throwing balls of dirt at cars as they drove by.  I know, that was dumb.

4. Holding a funeral for a dead squirrel we found.

3. Avoiding getting challenged to an after-school fight in the playground, because nobody turned down the challenge.

2. Racing home so we could try out our newly constructed Evel Knievel bike ramp.

1. Chasing the neighbor kid all the way to school with a big garden tool after he destroyed my backyard fort.  He never did that again.

Priceless memories.


One Response to “Top ten list for walking to school”

  1. 1. Racing home from school to beat the bus we should have been riding.
    2. Racing home from school to see if the dam we constructed across the wet weather creek worked after watching it pour rain all day. It worked all to well as we arrived as the neighbor was beginning to tear it down before the “lake” backed up into his house!
    3. Racing home after I pushed the bully, who was spitting on us as he rode his bike. He went down and embankment and crashed into a barbed wire fence. I thought I killed him!
    4. Running home so we could play basketball all night!

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