In Sickness & in Health…

Recently my husband approached me and asked if I’d be interested in doing a sort of “He said, She said” response to some unspoken rules that he feels apply in our marriage.  This comes in light of a marriage series our pastor is doing at our church for the next three weeks.  “Sure. I’d love to!” was my reply….

So prior to his first post, we talked about some of these ‘rules.’ It seemed I was well-prepared for what was to come, or so I thought!  AFTER he posted “The Sweetest Thing.  But no Sympathy” he, with a sizeable grin on his face, asked me to read it and start working on my perspective of this marriage rule.  Upon reading it quietly to myself I found my tongue begin to form a word…”Nice!”…but quickly remembered his taunting of my typical use of that statement and I ceased to allow its utterance from my lips!  I would not give him the satisfaction!

Humph!  Here we go…

Let me model my husband’s approach and say a few nice words first.  We’ve been married for 21 years.  Every one of those years has been full of love, joy & absolute confidence that there’s not a person on earth either of us would rather spend our lives with.  We absolutely love being married to each other and are totally committed to each other!  That does not mean every day is filled with bliss and perfection!  Quite the contrary – We live in a fallen world and life happens, bringing stress. That stress can often breed some sinful behaviors – can I get an amen?

Now on to my perspective of unspoken marriage rule #1:  Husbands are not allowed to get injured or sick.

The truth is, Dave rarely gets sick or injured.  As a matter of fact, this mountain bike injury is one of a few others I can probably count on one hand since our marriage.  But let me set the record straight.  Any injury obtained while doing respectable work around the house (i.e., slicing a finger while working on the car), sympathy and concern will exude from my being.  However, injury’s achieved from being reckless or from any type of thrill-seeking activity will earn nothing but fury!  Why? Because I shouldn’t have to remind the father of my children that he has an important role in their lives and he should not be putting himself in situations that threaten the care and well being he provides for his family!  Any other mother/wife hear me on this??

My response to part two of marriage rule #1, no sickness allowed, will bring a chorus of ‘amens’ from all you mom’s out there.  You all know where I’m going with this already, and bless our husband’s hearts, they are completely clueless to the aggravation this causes us!  When moms get sick, and be real with me here, do we get to take a ‘sick day’ and hole up in the bedroom with a constant nurse at our side, comforting and caring for us?  The answer is….”NO!”  When we get sick we fill up on medication, stuff Kleenex up our noses and get to changing diapers, feeding children, doing laundry & running errands.  No, we don’t have time for sickness!  So when dad gets sick, let’s face it ladies, right or wrong, it’s a matter of pure jealousy!  We want a sick day, too!




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