What do we lean on?

Reading through the Bible – Day 38 of 1oo.

We like to think that we can lean on the fact that we will always have what we need to live and that miracles will always come if we have enough faith.  I’m not sure that we’re promised all that in the Bible.  There are plenty of believers around the world that don’t receive those blessings.

The Book of Hebrews explains very clearly that three things were placed into the Ark of the Covenant.  A jar of manna, Aaron’s staff that had budded and the stone tablets containing God’s commandments.

By the time King Solomon brings the Ark to the new temple, however, only the stone tablets are in the Ark (I Kings 8:9).

The manna was to remind Israel that God was faithful in providing daily provisions while they wandered in the desert.  The budding staff of Aaron was a symbol of God’s miracles and intervention in nature to glorify His name…

..but the manna and staff were no longer in the Ark by the time it was brought to the temple.

It’s a reminder to me that our daily provisions and miracles may end, but God’s Word endures throughout the generations.  That’s what we need to lean on and depend on.  The lack of provisions and miracles shouldn’t discourage us.  Tough word?


3 Responses to “What do we lean on?”

  1. Dr.Olukoya Please pray for me to come out in VICTORY tomorrow mnroing at 10:00 central standard time. I work for this company and I am over this large inventory of medicines, when these medicines go out of date or recalled by the manufacturing company, I send these medicines back to a company that does the crediting and destroying of them. I forgot to drop off a box of these returns and had it in the trunk of my car until today. I remember and gave it to my boss and everything was accounted for when I left work. At 6:01 my district manager texted me and told me that Loss Prevention would be down to get a statement from my superviser and I . I found this strange because when I left at 4:00 pm it was alright . I feel that these two pharmacist that I work with have tried to threw me under the bus some kind of way. I want you to bring the shame and disgrace they want to happen to me on all of them. Please pray for me to locate the right attorney to pay a retainer too for future use. I already know I have WON!! Just wanted my Daddy G O to know and help me defeat all of them. Please pray in the spirit and shut them down permanently . IN JESUS NAME. Amen

  2. We are planning to spnosor Eden Village in Zimbabwe. This is a children’s orphange mostly to children who have lost their parents to AIDS. A very worthy organization that uses almost every dollar directly for the kids.

  3. Well macadamia nuts, how about that.

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