The atheists know more

My eyebrows went up as I watched the evening news on ABC about a week ago.  They had a story on a recent survey done in America on religious knowledge:

Pop Quiz: Survey Tests Americans on Religions, the original video story is at the site.

Sadly, evangelical christians did not score the highest.  Atheists and agnostics did!

I went to the site out of curiosity to see how I’d rank against the survey.  The online quiz asks 15 of the 25 questions from the original quiz.  My results?  Heh, heh.  13 out of 15 correct.  The two I missed were on the Pakistan’s major religion and nirvana being a Buddhist belief (I thought it was Hinduism).

Bottom line – we need to teach our kids better.  They need to know what the world is searching for and what others believe in.

I’m attending the Catalyst conference in Atlanta this week.  One of the more troubling sessions was one that Reggie Joiner led discussing his book, The Slow Fade.  Reggie asks a very challenging question to the evangelical church:  What if we have drawn the wrong finish line?  Once our youth graduate high school, we basically say that they’ve crossed the finish line.  Now it’s up to them to figure out God at college or in their vocation.

That’s all I’m gonna say right now on this, but this question will be bothering me during the next few months.


One Response to “The atheists know more”

  1. I was thinking about this as well. We are doing a new discipleship journey in smaller groups, replacing the 201-301-401 classes. I am a journey leader and we are talking about the cost of discipleship.. and its rewards..over a series of 4 conversations in a small group setting BEFORE asking people if they are ready to be members. I love this idea, that we are called to make disciples not converts. I was wondering though.. what is available that is comparable for highschool, or newly colleged young adults??? I am not sure…but knowing firsthand the allure of the philosophical relativity prevalent in this setting, there is a need to ensure truth is the foundation that this generation more than ever!
    ps.. i took this quiz too, (15 out 15..:-) At least I got something out of my comparative religious studies! Haha!

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