Returning to Chimney Rock, NC

Having no idea that we’d actually be moving to North Carolina some day, our family has enjoyed visiting Hendersonville and Chimney Rock during the past couple of years at Thanksgiving.  Now, it’s just a day trip for us… and yesterday we took advantage of it.

side note:  My daughter pointed out to me that I’ve turned into Grandpa because I tend to start conversations with strangers wherever we go.  Funny, I didn’t realize that, but it happened throughout the day.

We soaked in some Krispy Kreme fall doughnuts and coffee before hitting Main Street in Hendersonville.  A perfect Fall day:  blue sky, breezy cool air (60’s) and not crowded at all.  Eating lunch at Mike’s on Main is kind of a “must do”.  Hot Pastrami sandwich is my usual order.

My son has been haunted with the number “42” since the show Lost came out.  He finds that number just about everywhere we go.  He usually grunts: “Ughh!  42 again”.  When we got back to the car, the meter showed that we had 42 minutes left.  Then we got in the car and looked across the street to see the address of a store – 142.

Next: local bike shop, apples, winding road, Bat Cave and then on to Hershey’s ice cream and some time climbing over the rocks on the river at Chimney Rock.

My wife got to use her new camera.  The river was a great spot to start experimenting with all the settings.  She enters into a different zone when she’s with her camera.  I think she gets that from her dad.  Saying that she’s “focused” is an understatement.  I get a kick out of watching her.

Driving up the mountain to hike the trails of Chimney Rock was great.  This was the first time visiting before the leaves have fallen, so the place looked really different.  My son asked me how all the trees “got” there.  “They weren’t here the last time.” – spoken like a kid from Florida who’s not used to the change of seasons yet.

We ended the day eating by at La Strada, a restaurant that overlooks Lake Lure.  My daughter self-appointed herself to choose the music we listened to on the drive back home.  She did a great job of keeping me awake for the drive.


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