Unresolved anger

Reading through the Bible – Day 13 of 1oo.  Genesis 42 – Ten brothers go to Egypt.

Most of us could probably think of someone from our past that we’d like to punch in the nose.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, someone, somewhere has treated you badly…  on purpose.  Joseph had his moment when he saw his ten half-brothers show up in Egypt looking for food.  Wow, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect scene for Joseph to unleash some unresolved anger.

Memories of hurt and betrayal must have flooded Joseph’s thoughts.  He must have always wondered what really went down when his brothers got rid of him.  He got to listen to the brothers argue and yell at each other about the incident without them knowing that he understood their language.

I can’t believe  how Joseph exercised such great self-control and wisdom in dealing with his brothers.  He learned that self-control from years of bad things happening that were always beyond his control.  Always looking to God, Joseph continually modeled the perfect response.

What a survivor.  What an example.


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