Were we made to swim?

The Cane Creek Sprint Triathlon: 243 men and 112 women

Swim – 750 Meters / Bike – 14 Miles / Run – 5K

I didn’t care about anyone’s feelings. The first two age groups of men had already plunged into the lake to begin their 1/2 mile swim. So as the clock hit 8:06am, it was every man for himself as I shoved past the guys in front of me and ran into the water with a vengeance.  No shame, the swim would be my slowest stage, so for me, every second counted.

My age group (male 40-44) has been called the most competitive group, but not necessarily the fastest. You could spot us in the water pretty easily with the bright green swim caps. It was a like a warning for everyone else: “Look Out, age 40-44! Mid-life crisis trying to prove something!”. Right behind us, with a 3 minute delay, was the first female wave. They had yellow swim caps.

This is the longest swim that I’ve done. 750 meters isn’t exactly one-half of a mile, but it’s close enough. So when I reached the half-way buoy and saw that I was already being passed by the first yellow caps, I didn’t feel completely defeated. As I kept glancing at the other swimmers all around me, a thought crossed through my mind that we must have looked like a bunch of seals swimming to beat each other to the next meal.

My goal was to finish in the top 50% of my age group. I ended up 22 out of 39. Missed it by that much, but this event was really enjoyable. The course was beautiful, the people were great and I only crashed once.  As I ran my bike down a grassy hill into the transition area, my foot got tangled up in my bike wheel. The next thing I knew, I was spread out on the ground, eating grass. This, of course, had to happen in front of a large group of spectators. Sore shoulder and damaged pride, I stumbled in to hang my bike and grab my running shoes.

Geoffrey Janes (pictured below running in the bright blue jersey) and I had a good, respectable finish in our age groups.


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