The tower of self-promotion. Fogettaboudit

Reading through the Bible – Day 5 of 1oo.  Genesis 11 – The tower of Babel.

A scene in the movie, Mickey Blue Eyes that always makes me laugh is goodfella James Caan trying to teach Hugh Grant how to talk with a New York accent so he can pretend to be a mobster.  His desperate attempts to talk like a New Yorker with his british accent just gets funnier and funnier as the story unfolds.  Frustration builds and  it ends up that no one can figure out what he’s trying to say.

I can’t even imagine what it must have been like at the tower of Babel when God confused the languages and no one could communicate with each other.  One day, everyone shows up for work to build a city that will reach the heavens and the next day – total confusion.

We were created to give glory to Almighty God, not ourselves.  This tower that men were building was a monument to their achievements.  Verse 4 – “so that we might make a name for ourselves”.

Self-promotion, something we need to stay away from.  God despises it.  If our hearts are not centered on our Creator, we’re in big trouble.  We see so much of if today.  Unfortunately, the evangelical world is full of it.

I wonder if Genesis 11 is where the Bronx dialect started.


One Response to “The tower of self-promotion. Fogettaboudit”

  1. Enjoying your posts so much! I have taken on the 100 day challenge of reading with you. Thanks for the daily commentary and encouragement! Miss you guys so much and can’t wait to see you soon!

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