It’s my last name, not something you smoke!

My last name used to bring me great harassment in middle school.  Back then, Charmin decided to start an ad campaign touting how soft their toilet paper was.  “Kush” was exactly the same sound they used to verbally express the squishing of their product.  Man, was I glad when that stopped.

But now, I’m starting to notice my last name is becoming more popular with teens again.  We were walking in the city of Matthews, NC when we saw our name spray-painted up on a building… and then on the sidewalk.

If you Google “Kush”, you’ll actually get quite a few results for a type of cannabis (pot).  You know, the stuff people smoke.  Wikipedia says that it actually sells for as much as $600.oo per ounce.  See, I just knew I should have copyrighted and protected my silly name years ago.  But here we go, now I’m being associated with something you smoke!

I actually have no association with the Charmin product and I was not born in Northern Afghanistan.  Oh, and I’m not Hindu either.

To set the record straight, my birth certificate says David James Kuvshinikow.  My parents both imigrated from the former Soviet Union when they were children.  Yep, I’m 1st generation American.  They new I didn’t have a prayer of making it through kindergarten with a name like that.  So they legally changed our last name to Kush.  I guess it seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

It’s actually pretty nice having a one-syllable name in life.  You couldn’t guess, though, how many different ways I’ve seen people spell it:  Cush, Coush, Kusch (German spelling), Koosh, etc.  I just smile.

And now this.  Something you smoke.  It’s kind of like when I was a kid and people were talking about the pastor of our church and his wife: Pastor and Mrs. Hussey.


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