Just Exhale! – Part 2

Male 40 - 45 Age Group Wave - photo: Bethany Kush

Stylin' - photo: Bethany Kush

My first Sprint Triathlon of 2010, the first race in the 2010 Publix Triathlon series took place at CB Smith Park in Pembroke Pines, FL. I knew the swim was gonna be a disaster for me. Spending no time in the water since September, what else could I expect?

The air was 65 degrees F and the lake water was 75 degrees F. The rules allow wetsuits in that temperature, which makes swimmers more buoyant and faster in the water. No, I was in the group that didn’t wear a wetsuit.

photo: Bethany Kush

After jumping into the water and getting clobbered with arms and feet for a while, it became a very lonely swim. The brown lake water didn’t bother me, I just couldn’t get into a rhythm. I actually thought at one point: “I hope someone doesn’t have to rescue me today”.

Afterwards, my wife kindly reminded me that the guy with only one arm came out before me and she was starting to get worried. Thanks, Babe. He started two waves ahead of me and was actually a pretty fast swimmer.

From the water to the bike transition area, there was 1,000 feet of great barefoot running over asphalt sidewalks, a bridge and gravel. That was fun.

photo: Bethany Kush

The biggest problem with being the second-from-last swimmer in the Male 40-45 age group is that it’s really tough to catch anyone during the bike and run sections. This is the most competitive age group.

The rest of the course was much more enjoyable for me. The transitions went smooth. I put the right shoe on the right foot, no flat tires, and I got to pass a lot of people. It was a .25 mile swim, 11 mile bike and 3.3 mile run.

I enjoy this crowd, there’s competition, but in the end, everyone is there to test themselves and have fun.

photo: Bethany Kush


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