Good Morning, Neighbor!

As I started my run early this morning, I made a quick stop at  my neighbor’s house down the street to plant an Easter service yard sign from our church on his front lawn.

This neighbor happens to be the local Campus Pastor for a very large church based out of Oklahoma.  Our churches have partnered with each other on many occasions and they are very dear to our hearts.

But today, my hope is that Larry has picked the wrong morning to sleep in and that all his neighbors will be wondering why he’s advertising for the other big church down the street.

It was pretty early and dark.  So with my luck, I may have put the sign in the wrong yard… and I taped one of my business cards to the sign with a smiley face.  Things like this have back-fired on me before.

There’s another pastor of a Methodist Church a little further down the street.  I was really tempted to advertise in his yard as well.  But Dale’s a good friend, and such a nice guy.  So, I decided to restrain myself.

Enjoy your coffee this morning and see ya at church this Sunday, neighbor.


One Response to “Good Morning, Neighbor!”

  1. You’re so naughty! That’s why I love you:)

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